Childhood Crush to True Love? MFRWHooks

Today was a brussel sprouts kind of day.  I prepared mine in the oven with spices and butter. The good thing was that they tasted awesome. The bad thing was that I couldn’t eat just one serving!  I bought one package of already spiced fresh sprouts and one regular package of frozen sprouts.

PAM coconut spray and a splash of olive oil  in the bottom of the Corningware pie dish coated the sprouts easily. Since the fresh sprouts had been liberally spiced, I didn’t add more spice. I did add Himalayan Pink Salt ( a recent discovery).  I added a tablespoon of butter and baked the dish at 350 until they were tender.

Then I pigged out. 

Do you like to see a childhood crush grow into a romance? For me, stories about “puppy love” that becomes the real thing is less interesting than one that offers a second chance at love. I like for the teens to mature and experience life.


In Protecting Melissa Gabe and Melissa see each other in different ways now that he is a widower and she is a widow. Gabe’s son is in Melissa’s English class.

Gabe married right after high school because he was about to become a father. Joining the Army gave him a way to get a college degree and have a life of adventure.

Melissa returned to her hometown after college to teach. When her husband was shot in bed with another man’s wife, she learned that he had cheated on her and everyone who did business with him.  Now she’s working to get past knowing she lived with a crook.


Jason Gabriel wasn’t looking forward to arguing with Melissa Anderson. Of all the teachers in Pendleton High, why did she have to be his son’s language arts teacher?

Jay’s grades had gone from lousy to great since fall so he wouldn’t lose his place on the football team. That should have been a good thing. Now he was missing Spring practice, a bad thing.

The young super jock was blowing a great chance to play first-string quarterback next fall. Since he’s passing language arts now, why is he staying after school? Time to stop speculating and go inside and meet with the teacher. Maybe the boy had a crush on his teacher. Gabe’s crush on his Spanish teacher had developed when he was about Jay’s age. It wasn’t so unusual.

Maybe Jay still misses his mom and has become attached to his young teacher. Whatever the problem, Gabe certainly had plenty to make up after his years as an absentee dad and husband. He’d given up his military career to care for his dying wife and become both mother and father to his son. Would things have been different for Jay’s mom if she’d had more support? Guilt gnawed at Gabe’s stomach. He couldn’t change the past, but he could be a better father and keep a close watch on his boy.

“I’ll just talk to Ms. Melissa Anderson and ask for her help,” he muttered as he closed the door of his Ford truck. Gabriel’s Hardware stood out in red letters on the forest green door. He straightened the knot in his tie, touched his pocket to be sure he had the Butterfinger candy bar, then strode toward the familiar old brick building. “There’s no reason we have to argue today.  I’ll be reasonable if she will,” he muttered.

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5 Responses to Childhood Crush to True Love? MFRWHooks

  1. marymarvella says:

    I meant coconut oil spray.


  2. janwal says:

    Interesting setup. He’s in for a surprise

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ed Hoornaert says:

    As a former teacher, I find it interesting (and counterproductive) that he approaches this conference as a meeting with an argumentative ex rather than an an education professional.

    Liked by 1 person

    • marymarvella says:

      You are so right! Gabe hasn’t gotten past the memories of Melissa as he best friends younger sister. They butt heads over several issues about sports and drama or fine arts


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