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Welcome, Linda O’Connor, I asked Linda to share some personal information with our readers. I asked what she wouldn’t eat no matter what! Here are her answers. Wouldn’t Touch That with a Ten-foot Pole! I eat a wide variety of … Continue reading

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Sapphire Is My Gimmick and My Little Pal!

In Gypsy, an old movie with Natalie Wood, an old stripper tells the new stripper that every act needs a gimmick. As writers we promote the hell out of our books on Facebook, only to see too few reactions. My … Continue reading

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Georgia Stories on My Mind

My dear friend Jackie Rod has published a collection of her short stories set in Georgia! Each story offers a heart-warming experience you won’t soon forget. Jackie is a true southern lady. Her launch party Saturday was as elegant as … Continue reading

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No More Sunset Envy, at Least for Now!

I often envy those folks who photograph glorious sunsets and sunrises. Since my house is surrounded by tall trees the sun dips below the tree line before the colors become vivid. The sunrises are pretty much the same. During our … Continue reading

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Protective Instincts Is Back on Amazon!

       Good Tuesday! July is racing by! I have been busy beyond belief! I know everyone else is busy, too. I’m not complaining, just explaining.  Life is full of changes, some easy and some not so easy. During … Continue reading

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Blast from Her Past

Katy! Welcome to the Pink Fuzzy Slippers Authors! Don’t be put off by our fireplace. It’s a illusion. We have our ceiling fans to keep things cool! We have temperatures in the high 80’s in Georgia. HOT! Tell us a … Continue reading

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True by Ann Everett

Welcome, Ann Everett! I’m so pleased you could visit with us and tell us about your book. I have some lovely iced tea and can make you some iced coffee, if you’d like some. Because it’s so warm in Georgia, … Continue reading

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Eat What? Never!

Many of us change our tastes as we grow older! In school I would never eat spinach! Mama didn’t cook it. The school lunchroom version looked nasty and mushy and tasted worse. It was slick, not a texture I could … Continue reading

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Flowers or Weeds?

When you see clover, do you think about weeds or flowers? If you have ever made ropes, or necklaces, or wreaths with the blooms, you might think these blooms are flowers. Some folks will think about clover honey! If a … Continue reading

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Loving Mother’s Day Tulips!

I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day. I certainly did!  I do love flowers!  I hope these beauties love the rain we had yesterday and today. I had planned to blog about book pirates. I am not in the … Continue reading

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