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Do You Encourage or Discourage? #PG #MFRWHooks

Have you noticed that some people sabotage your efforts when you tell them what you are doing? If you announce that you have started walking in place in front of your TV during one commercial break or 5 minutes, whichever … Continue reading

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Of Mountains and Mysteries

February is on its way out and Spring is trying to arrive before March does.  This is my tree. I will post more of my neighbors’ flowers and trees. Mine bloom late! That means it’s time for ten stories set … Continue reading

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One Night with the King.

There he stood, so handsome and magnetic! His voice send shivers over me. Then he stepped down and moved around the room. All eyes followed him. I remember the slender handsome young man of my youth. We had both aged, … Continue reading

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Reviewers, Readers, and Authors

Last night I caught a discussion between authors and reviewers on Facebook.  Things got rough! I guess the author missed the memo about not responding to bad reviews. Maybe that memo refers to Amazon reviews. Maybe part of the problem … Continue reading

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A Taste of Crimson Dawn: Book 4 of the Crimson series by Georgiana Fields!

A taste of Crimson Dawn! Georgiana Fields takes the legends of the Vampire and gives them her own interpretations. Her characters add depth to the irresistible creatures of lore. For instance, the Dhampire are  not dead or undead, and they … Continue reading

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Overbys Move from Augusta, Georgia to Newton, Mississippi Beverly Hillbilly Style. 1955

The summer before I was to begin sixth grade Daddy decided to go back to school. (I wrote about this earlier.)  We were headed to college! My younger sister, brother, and I began the school year in Augusta, since Daddy … Continue reading

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Christmas: Part 2 of Growing Up Overby.

Some Christmases we drove from Augusta to Mississippi. My parents must have worked hard to pack 3 kids and Santa in an old 1937 Ford. My folks would leave after Daddy got home from driving a truck. They put a … Continue reading

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Growing Up in the 40’s and 50’s.

Growing up in the 40’s and 50’s in Augusta, Georgia. Mama and Daddy at 22 When I was a kid Daddy drove a truck for the Augusta Arsenal and Mama was a homemaker. I really don’t remember living at my … Continue reading

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What a strange thing!

Do you ever wonder if someone makes the impossible happen? Well, I know about “butt” calls our cell phones make, or at least mine makes them from my pocket. I have received some. What about landline phones, those many folks … Continue reading

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A Taste of Things To Come

Next week I’ll share some of my experiences as the daughter of a preacher.  Small churches heated by a wood stove and more.    

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