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Make Your Hero Do Something He Would NOT Do!

Authors create characters to do what they want them                 to do. Sometimes characters come to authors fully fleshed out. We usually want good guys to be GOOD and bad guys to be BAD. An important thing we need to … Continue reading

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Welcome Jennifer Lowery! NOT WITHOUT RISK

Hello fans and readers! How is everyone today? I’m great. Fall is my favorite season and in honor of that I am promoting the second book in my Wolff Securities Series, Not Without Risk Amazon! Of course, Kindle Unlimited subscribers … Continue reading

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The LAST Bloom for Summer and NEW Editing Book!

The high winds and torrential rain came and went last week. Knowing they were expected, I grabbed this lone bloom Sunday and hid it in my garage. It seems brighter and richer because it is likely the last bloom. The … Continue reading

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Eclipse 2017 from Suwanee, GA

We didn’t get 100%  eclipse, actually I didn’t feel there was one. However, I shot these frames by moving from my garage just enough to aim my phone in the general direction of the sun without looking AT the sun.  … Continue reading

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Road Trip to Orlando, Fla!

What can be better than 4 women in a van? 4 writers in a van on the way to a national romance writers conference! Years back I roomed with Melba Moon (Author M J Flournoy), a dear friend, and Nanci … Continue reading

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Of Flowers, Turtles and Friends

I love this photo because I adore flowers and because a dear friend insisted on helping me prop it up in the rain for a good photo.The big deal abut that is that a light sprinkle became real rain while … Continue reading

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Welcome Marie Higgins and Her Heroic Rogue Series!

RE-INTRODUCING… Heroic Rogue Series Have you ever read a story and realized that something was off? Well, I have. A series of my stories, in fact. This is my personal favorite series, my favorite twists and turns, and my favorite … Continue reading

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A First I’d Prefer To Forget!

One week ago I had a first I’d just as soon forget! For as long as I can remember I have been proud to announce that I still have my original organs. I see doctors only when I must to … Continue reading

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Sha Renee Giveaway

Check out this exciting book and giveaway!   A sexy Navy pilot. A beautiful Navy instructor. A relationship prohibited by military regulations. Will they end their sizzling romance to protect their careers or keep it a secret… and pray no … Continue reading

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WHAT DO YOU WATCH ON TELEVISION & To Drink Vinegar or Not To Drink It?

For My Health  What do you do for your health these days? I have been drinking turmeric tea and forcing down apple cider vinegar and water. (It doesn’t really taste like pickle juice!)   Both are supposed to be good … Continue reading

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