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What a strange thing!

Do you ever wonder if someone makes the impossible happen? Well, I know about “butt” calls our cell phones make, or at least mine makes them from my pocket. I have received some. What about landline phones, those many folks … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for Thanksgiving?

I will be with my baby sister, my baby brother, and my baby sis-in-law! Even after 19 years  since their deaths, I still miss my parents. Mama always had a big dinner and cooked everyone’s favorites. I also had Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Life Gets Better: Pamela Varnado

The Journey   Don’t sweat the small stuff. I am not sure who first penned those words. The slogan has been around for years. I only wish I had heard it when I was in my teens and early twenties. … Continue reading

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The LAST Bloom for Summer and NEW Editing Book!

The high winds and torrential rain came and went last week. Knowing they were expected, I grabbed this lone bloom Sunday and hid it in my garage. It seems brighter and richer because it is likely the last bloom. The … Continue reading

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Eclipse 2017 from Suwanee, GA

We didn’t get 100%  eclipse, actually I didn’t feel there was one. However, I shot these frames by moving from my garage just enough to aim my phone in the general direction of the sun without looking AT the sun.  … Continue reading

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Those Bad Dreams of Being Naked in Public

The flowers have nothing to do with the article. They belong to a neighbor! During my teaching days I seldom feared being caught with nothing to teach. I think the dreams of being in my pajamas in front of the … Continue reading

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Back to Olden Times?

Does anyone remember toting water from a well or from a spring or creek?  Maybe you aren’t old enough to remember life in the country, but I know folks who have gone back to that kind of life, even in … Continue reading

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Can You Tell A Fairy Tale Today?

Today is Tell A Fairy Tale Day. Although it’s an unofficial holiday, people are encouraged to read, tell, and listen to fairy tales from all over the world. Usually, fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time…” The tales are … Continue reading

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Diving into the Deep End of the Webinar Pool!

Last week I dove into the deep end of the webinar pool.After watching webinars on selling, business building, and giving webinars, I  tried my own.  I created the event and sent emails to people I thought might want help with … Continue reading

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Creative Ways to Celebrate National Puzzle Day

What is one of the most fun, unofficial holidays of the year? National Puzzle Day, of course! Puzzles develop skills because they are difficult to solve. Besides being entertaining and fun, puzzles are beneficial to your health. Puzzles increase creativity … Continue reading

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