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Dealing with Negative Reviews

Welcome Vivi!  What a stunning cover!  Those eyes! Thanks for stopping by today to share some advice for writers and your new release! Writer’s life: How to deal with a bad, biased review. The short and real answer is, you … Continue reading

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Who Makes the Rules and a Cover Reveal!

Coming in September! Book 10 for me! Who Makes the Rules about Writing? I tutor students in language arts and writing. One student and I Skype since she is homeschooled. The family moves because of her father’s job, but the … Continue reading

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Georgia Stories on My Mind

My dear friend Jackie Rod has published a collection of her short stories set in Georgia! Each story offers a heart-warming experience you won’t soon forget. Jackie is a true southern lady. Her launch party Saturday was as elegant as … Continue reading

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Loving Mother’s Day Tulips!

I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day. I certainly did!  I do love flowers!  I hope these beauties love the rain we had yesterday and today. I had planned to blog about book pirates. I am not in the … Continue reading

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Why torture your characters?

I will give a workshop in June about torturing characters. I borrowed words from Dwight Swain about chasing characters up trees to keep things from becoming boring. Why would I want to do torture my characters? It keeps stories going. … Continue reading

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Has Life Left You Feeling Bedraggled?

Hard rains last night were not kind to my first yellow iris of 2018.  Water and wind bent this flower to the ground, Maybe its roots are not deep enough or maybe the bloom was too heavy for the stalk. … Continue reading

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Of Mountains and Mysteries

February is on its way out and Spring is trying to arrive before March does.  This is my tree. I will post more of my neighbors’ flowers and trees. Mine bloom late! That means it’s time for ten stories set … Continue reading

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Reviewers, Readers, and Authors

Last night I caught a discussion between authors and reviewers on Facebook.  Things got rough! I guess the author missed the memo about not responding to bad reviews. Maybe that memo refers to Amazon reviews. Maybe part of the problem … Continue reading

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Overbys Move from Augusta, Georgia to Newton, Mississippi Beverly Hillbilly Style. 1955

The summer before I was to begin sixth grade Daddy decided to go back to school. (I wrote about this earlier.)  We were headed to college! My younger sister, brother, and I began the school year in Augusta, since Daddy … Continue reading

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Christmas: Part 2 of Growing Up Overby.

Some Christmases we drove from Augusta to Mississippi. My parents must have worked hard to pack 3 kids and Santa in an old 1937 Ford. My folks would leave after Daddy got home from driving a truck. They put a … Continue reading

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