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The LAST Bloom for Summer and NEW Editing Book!

The high winds and torrential rain came and went last week. Knowing they were expected, I grabbed this lone bloom Sunday and hid it in my garage. It seems brighter and richer because it is likely the last bloom. The … Continue reading

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All Hail the Peanut…Nature’s Most Nearly Perfect Food

al All Hail the Peanut…Nature’s Most Nearly Perfect Food Toni V. Sweeney I love peanuts! No two ways about it—roasted, parched, boiled, in salads, in soups, in candy—you name it, I probably like it. Is there another food, other than … Continue reading

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Can You Tell A Fairy Tale Today?

Today is Tell A Fairy Tale Day. Although it’s an unofficial holiday, people are encouraged to read, tell, and listen to fairy tales from all over the world. Usually, fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time…” The tales are … Continue reading

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Seven Useful Tips To Organize Your Way To Success

Did you now that living an organized life can save you time and energy, plus make you more productive? And I guarantee you’ll be happier. Try these tips to get you started: 1. Set up a paper throwaway system. Dispose … Continue reading

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Expressing gratitude

Christmas was good for me this year. My family had Christmas Dinner at my brother’s house. We were all there but his son and wife and kids. They don’t make the kids travel from Denver, Colorado to Macon, Georgia and … Continue reading

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It’s Labor Day Weekend!

<strong>Labor Day </strong>falls on the first Monday in September and is a public U.S. holiday, honoring all the workers in this country and their contribution to society. <strong>Labor Day</strong> is also considered the unofficial end of summer. 😦 <strong>Labor Day</strong> … Continue reading

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Refreshing and simple Sangria

I’m still in Ireland with spotty Internet, but wanted to share a delicious and easy Sangria recipe, perfect for hot summer days. 2 quarts Burgundy wine 1 quart orange juice 3 lemons, juiced 1 cup sugar to taste 1 quart … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace Cassius Clay

Keeping this short today. Do you remember when a young black boxer made records that had everyone rooting for him? I wasn’t a boxing fan and this man was younger that I was. His charisma lasted until his death this … Continue reading

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For the Love of Coffee and an Italian Cookie Recipe

Nothing is more perfect than that first cup of morning coffee. Or you can enjoy coffee midday for a pick-me-up, or to cap off the evening alongside a sweet Italian cookie. The following are tips to make a perfect cup … Continue reading

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Do you read memoirs?  I’m editing a memoir and I have questions. Do you read memoirs about people who aren’t famous? Do your favorite memoirs read like fiction with scenes and dialogue? Do you like short chapters in memoirs? Do … Continue reading

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