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Dealing with Negative Reviews

Welcome Vivi!  What a stunning cover!  Those eyes! Thanks for stopping by today to share some advice for writers and your new release! Writer’s life: How to deal with a bad, biased review. The short and real answer is, you … Continue reading

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Who Makes the Rules and a Cover Reveal!

Coming in September! Book 10 for me! Who Makes the Rules about Writing? I tutor students in language arts and writing. One student and I Skype since she is homeschooled. The family moves because of her father’s job, but the … Continue reading

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Volunteering Ideas- An 8 Part Summer Series (Part Seven)

Did you know that one of the main benefits of volunteering is to make YOU happier? This summer, I’m highlighting some ways you can volunteer in your community. Become a good neighbor. If your neighborhood has a beautification project, join … Continue reading

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Protective Instincts Is Back on Amazon!

       Good Tuesday! July is racing by! I have been busy beyond belief! I know everyone else is busy, too. I’m not complaining, just explaining.  Life is full of changes, some easy and some not so easy. During … Continue reading

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Why torture your characters?

I will give a workshop in June about torturing characters. I borrowed words from Dwight Swain about chasing characters up trees to keep things from becoming boring. Why would I want to do torture my characters? It keeps stories going. … Continue reading

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Of Mountains and Mysteries

February is on its way out and Spring is trying to arrive before March does.  This is my tree. I will post more of my neighbors’ flowers and trees. Mine bloom late! That means it’s time for ten stories set … Continue reading

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Make Your Hero Do Something He Would NOT Do!

Authors create characters to do what they want them                 to do. Sometimes characters come to authors fully fleshed out. We usually want good guys to be GOOD and bad guys to be BAD. An important thing we need to … Continue reading

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Welcome Jennifer Lowery! NOT WITHOUT RISK

Hello fans and readers! How is everyone today? I’m great. Fall is my favorite season and in honor of that I am promoting the second book in my Wolff Securities Series, Not Without Risk Amazon! Of course, Kindle Unlimited subscribers … Continue reading

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Can You Tell A Fairy Tale Today?

Today is Tell A Fairy Tale Day. Although it’s an unofficial holiday, people are encouraged to read, tell, and listen to fairy tales from all over the world. Usually, fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time…” The tales are … Continue reading

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Fifties and Flustered

I debated with myself about whether to write on this topic but staying true to my commitment to creating the best life I can for myself, I pushed aside my fear of exposing my personal weaknesses to the world. So, … Continue reading

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