Pamela Varnado


While Pamela Varnado doesn’t always remember the title of a book or movie, a great character stays with her forever. Her favorite hero is Brad Pitt’s portrayal of Achilles in Troy. All that angst and broodiness makes great conflict. She grew up reading romance novels and watching horror movies . . . which led to writing romantic suspense and paranormal stories that often contain elements of horror. She lives in Georgia with her husband of thirty-one years and has the sweetest five grandkids in the entire world, yes the entire world.

You can find her at:

She is currently working on an apocalyptic romantic thriller series titled Origins Unknown.

The first book in the series is Inception.

Inception [Apocalyptic Romantic Suspense]

Book One

In New York City, Maggie Olsen, a dermatological physician assistant, is horrified when she realizes she has contracted an infection. According to the news reports, the strange condition that’s making people sick is just a severe allergic reaction. But soon, what begins aInception by Pamela Varnados a rash on the skin becomes a full blown viral infection that’s killing some of its hosts.

Maggie believes the infection is connected to the latest beauty serum. Despite her fears, she’s determined to find proof. Pursued by the product’s manufactures, she joins forces with Colin McKenna to discover the truth behind the deadly virus.

Mysterious and lethal, Colin is driven by one thing—revenge for his sister’s death. As he and Maggie work together he finds her beauty and innocence distracting. He knows firsthand that in the battle for survival, love can be a dangerous thing.

In their search for answers they discover that what seems like a virus is far more sinister and terrifying, and it’s just the beginning.


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