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The Cowboy, an American Original

Cowboys…gotta love ‘em! Toni V. Sweeney He’s an icon…a symbol of America’s Old West…a representation of all that’s wild and free but adhering to a brand of justice as well as a creed all his own.  Representative of the United … Continue reading

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How I was Conned into Writing A Novel and its Sequel

I wrote Absinthe on a dare. I was kicking back after completing my 8th novel and somehow the subject got around to how some writers change genres after many years of writing one kind…like Stephen King and his mysteries. My … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Beast—Space Opera Style

“… if you’re looking for a romance that’s not another of the cookie-cutter offerings out there, this is a great place to start.”   –Nights and Weekends reviews “Ms. Sweeney always creates stories that are thrown miles outside the box, and … Continue reading

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Review of A Man Beyond Reproach by Evelyn Pryce. A Montlake Romance

Elias Addison, Earl of Lennox, always does what’s expected of him. Therefore, when his father dies leaving massive debts, he foregoes staying at university and accepting a professorship to pay them and assure his little sister the debut she deserves. … Continue reading

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I have a Publication Date!!

I sent a collection of paranormal short stories to Class Act Books. They accepted, we’ve completed edits, and it will be released October 15, 2016, in time for Halloween, which is great since it has a ghost, a vampire, a … Continue reading

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