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I Do Love Irises!

These bulbs came from Mama’s house 16 years ago. I do hope the neighborhood deer didn’t steal the other blooms. I spotted a few buds waiting to bloom! We shall see! There should be purple irises and yellow ones this … Continue reading

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9 Delightful Love Stories for Valentine’s Day

Life keeps us busy! Planning a webinar takes time. Selling that webinar takes time! Selling our books takes time.Tutoring and editing keep me from having time for much mischief. Cleaning is not happening! I have no time to read novels … Continue reading

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My New Project, Editing Webinars

I’m up to my neck in plans for a webinar! Check it out!

The letter I’m sending out,

Editing Made Easy, A Free Webinar Continue reading

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Glass Panes Take a Dive

Good Freezing Monday evening! How much colder can one missing windowpane make a house? Well, when the temps drop to below 20 degrees, a lot colder! Saturday evening I noticed the furnace and the space heater I often use instead … Continue reading

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My Job: Stressing Movers.

Yesterday I got a text that made me laugh. A client told me her movers thought I was tough. One of my tutoring clients moved from Duluth, Georgia to Houston, Texas.  I have tutored her kids for 4 years and … Continue reading

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Come One, Come All! Readers & ‘ritas in Allen, Texas

It’s time to eat. drink, discuss books, trade books, buy books, and have a jolly old time in Allen, Texas (near Dallas) from November 11-13.  MM, MJ, Carol Shaughnessey, and I will be there with giveaways and signing our books … Continue reading

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My Working Vacation!

I don’t take vacations that aren’t working vacations. Over Labor Day Weekend I went to DragonCon in Atlanta, Ga. More than 60,000 people  attend a con for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fans. Cartoon characters  join Star Wars characters and … Continue reading

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Did Your Family Read the Sunday Funny Papers?

One of my favorite memories is of my family reading the funny papers on Sunday mornings or afternoons, if we went to church. I’m sure mama and daddy read the funnies in the daily paper, but they were in black … Continue reading

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Sale Shopper

  I admit it, I can’t resist a sale! The word clearance makes me stop and look. Last chance catches my eye, too. Fortunately for me, the reduction must be spectacular and the item on sale must be useful for … Continue reading

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Discovering Family and Memories.

BY  MARY MARVELLA One of the younger members of the family of Marvella Melissa Mayfield and James Claude Overby went on a quest for family info. This dear 30 something granddaughter of one my favorite uncles reached out and grabbed … Continue reading

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