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Class Reunion 1961 and M&M

I attended my high school class reunion two weekends ago and Georgia Romance Writers conference, Moonlight and Magnolias, the weekend after that. I had a blast both weekends. My brother and sister were at the reunion, since the reunion included … Continue reading

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Who Makes the Rules and a Cover Reveal!

Coming in September! Book 10 for me! Who Makes the Rules about Writing? I tutor students in language arts and writing. One student and I Skype since she is homeschooled. The family moves because of her father’s job, but the … Continue reading

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No More Sunset Envy, at Least for Now!

I often envy those folks who photograph glorious sunsets and sunrises. Since my house is surrounded by tall trees the sun dips below the tree line before the colors become vivid. The sunrises are pretty much the same. During our … Continue reading

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Protective Instincts Is Back on Amazon!

       Good Tuesday! July is racing by! I have been busy beyond belief! I know everyone else is busy, too. I’m not complaining, just explaining.  Life is full of changes, some easy and some not so easy. During … Continue reading

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Eat What? Never!

Many of us change our tastes as we grow older! In school I would never eat spinach! Mama didn’t cook it. The school lunchroom version looked nasty and mushy and tasted worse. It was slick, not a texture I could … Continue reading

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Do You Break or Do You Bend? #MFRWHooks #PG

Sometimes cold weather and ice make trees bend. Other times trees grow in soil that won’t support them. Writers and other humans face events that threaten to bring us to our knees. Sometimes we let people’s comments make us want … Continue reading

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One Night with the King.

There he stood, so handsome and magnetic! His voice send shivers over me. Then he stepped down and moved around the room. All eyes followed him. I remember the slender handsome young man of my youth. We had both aged, … Continue reading

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Christmas: Part 2 of Growing Up Overby.

Some Christmases we drove from Augusta to Mississippi. My parents must have worked hard to pack 3 kids and Santa in an old 1937 Ford. My folks would leave after Daddy got home from driving a truck. They put a … Continue reading

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Growing Up in the 40’s and 50’s.

Growing up in the 40’s and 50’s in Augusta, Georgia. Mama and Daddy at 22 When I was a kid Daddy drove a truck for the Augusta Arsenal and Mama was a homemaker. I really don’t remember living at my … Continue reading

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Favorites Foods, Movies, Books, and Cars

My favorite kid book was The Box Car Children. Favorite movies— Hmmm I still watch Sweet Home Alabama and almost anything with Reese Witherspoon. I LOVE Fords and vintage Mustangs. I am a chocoholic, but I can eat my wright … Continue reading

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