#Free Recipe Book!

Do you love recipes? Download Recipes From The Heart, my sweet romance recipe book offering loads of recipes from all my books! This book is FREE with Newsletter signup, so grab your copy today.

Are you drawn back to certain recipes because they bring up memories?A heartwarming story is the hallmark of a romantic read, and every one of my books contains a recipe submitted by a reader, my beloved mother or grandmother, or friends in Ireland.
Now these recipes are all together in one book for easy referral.

Savor the magic of my sweet reads—from Tudor to Contemporary, Holiday to Homemade fudge.

Enjoy your happiest moments spent in the kitchen, and bring back the joy and memory of my sweet romances, and the recipes created by my characters.

Each recipe is a grand celebration of love.

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NEW RELEASE: Lady Rosamund and the Plague of Suitors

Book Three in the Rosie and McBrae Regency Mysteries

Lady Rosamund’s plan for a quiet return to London society goes awry when she rescues a woman fleeing along the road—the mistress of her brother, Lord Derwent. Rosamund takes her in, meaning to sort matters out with Derwent—but he has left town in a hurry, and soon the Bow Street Runners are after him for murder. If that wasn’t trouble enough, several suitors are vying for Lady Rosamund’s hand.

Luckily, Gilroy McBrae is in London to help Rosamund save her brother. Will their strained relationship, along with his rivals for her heart, impede the race to unmask the real murderer before Derwent is caught and hanged?

Here are the Amazon links. Links for other vendors coming soon!

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BMGRR74Y/

Amazon Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0BMGRR74Y/

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0BMGRR74Y/

Amazon Australia: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0BMGRR74Y/

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#Black Friday sweet romance sale extended through the weekend

I’m thrilled to announce that the Kindle countdown and Black Friday sale for my sweet holiday romance, 1-800-CHRISTMAS, has been extended.

Only 99¢!

Grab your copy today before the price goes up. (U.S. residents only.)

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Thanksgiving 2022 @MaryMarvella

This Thanksgiving was low key but just what most of my family needed. My daughter was missing because she had to go with her hubby to his family. I learned to adjust to that. YES, we ate well. We had no turkey, which was fine! My sister-in-law feeds us well!

Did you know they make microwave pork rinds?

Funny how we ate appetizers when we know there would be a feast coming.

And then came the feast. Yes, I ate too much!

For some crazy or lazy reason, I missed taking a pictures of folks with me. I’ll do better for Christmas!

I’m thankful for my wonderful family!

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New Release Boxed Set: A Very Christian Christmas

New Release! A Very Christian Christmas.

From USA Today bestselling author Josie Riviera comes a contemporary Christian Romance Christmas collection. These sweet and wholesome stories, where God is at the center, brim with love and laughter and are perfect for holiday reading.

Three sweet small-town inspirational stories to warm your heart! For the first time, these books are exclusively in one collection.
Find out why readers are falling in love with A Very Christian Christmas & staying up all night reading. Cozy up with your favorite beverage and lose yourself in the special, joyful season of love and faith.

This collection includes the following books:

There’s nothing a Christmas kiss won’t cure. Except perhaps a shattered heart…

You don’t need ears to hear God’s plan. All you need is an open heart…

Holly’s Gift
Miracles don’t always come easy. Sometimes it takes a secret wish to light an angel’s way.

These books are also published as solos and in other collections.

Grab your copy of A Very Christian Christmas at the special introductory price today!

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Where Did I Put those Tools?

Carpenter with tool belt isolated on white

 I have been looking diligently for my writing tool box so I can begin a new book!

 “Ah, there it is.” I squat down to heft my large tool box, but it proves easier to lift than I remembered.

 How odd! I remember filling it with wonderful words and techniques I learned while reading voraciously in high school and after I retired from teaching school. Studying the master writers of the classics gave me more tools. Many tools I found while I taught writing and literature.

Fighting the rusty latch makes me ashamed of my neglect. Has it really been that long since I began to fill the toolbox with story-telling tools or since I last dug for something to interesting to use?  Ah, I remember how much finding the right adjectives and adverbs made me smile. Some rule makers said I couldn’t use them, but must choose the right nouns and adverbs. I wonder where I put those descriptive words. Maybe I left them with the tools I insisted my plumber leave at home. Any good plumber should be fine with a couple of wrenches, right?

As much as I enjoyed reading stories using omniscient point of view, I had to get rid of that.  It landed near the prepositional phrases I heard must go.  Mixing points of view in scenes, I had to take those out.  Those tools are probably with the carpentry tools I had my carpenter dump. Who needs more than one hammer, screw driver, or saw? How many nails and screws does a builder need?

         Could I use some of the old tools I once enjoyed? How many readers would welcome them?

        The concepts of paranormal have changed immensely, too. Once upon a time stories about ghosts, reincarnation, vampires, werewolves, fairytales, or monsters were paranormal. Occasional super heroes made readers drool and we loved a bit of mind reading and predicting the future. (I’m a bit old!)

        Which tools did you toss from your writing toolbox? Do you miss them?

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A Two-Book Anthology and a Giveaway from Madelyn Hill


Laird Malcolm Sutherland needs a bride. He has few requirements of his new wife; demands he should have insisted on with his former betrothed—namely, honesty, loyalty, and resources.

Lady Rossalyn Gordon will do anything to be rid of her tyrant father, even if that means deceiving the man who offers her an escape. If revealed, those secrets will either bring her mercy, or thrust her back into the hands of the devil who sired her.

When Rossalyn’s bastard of a father arrives at Sutherland Keep, going back on his word and ordering her return, Malcolm must decide if he can forgive his wife enough to listen to his heart and have a family for Christmas.


Fiona Sutherland longs for love with the man she has pined after since she was a lass. When he weds another she is devastated, and questions why the man she pledged her heart to has forsaken a vow made in their youth. Could loving her be so hard?

Cameron Munro adores Fiona from afar, knowing her heart has been set on another. She is everything he desires—strong, loyal, and fiery in spirit. Determined, he pledges to prove his love to her and win Fiona’s heart by Christmas

Amazon Buy Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MQKK4HG/

Amazon UK Buy Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MQKK4HG/

Amazon Canada Buy Link: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01MQKK4HG/


Enter Madelyn’s giveaway for a chance to win free eBooks, Amazon Gift Card or a Holiday surprise. Give-a-Way ends December 20th!


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#Free sweet romance: A Chocolate-Box Valentine

Do you love sweet romance? How about sweet romance based around a sweet candy shop?

Grab A Chocolate-Box Valentine, (FREE with Newsletter sign-up) today.It’s your last love who truly matters.

Owning a candy store should be a fun and delightful profession. Besides, what candy could beat Sally Elliot’s signature coffee chocolate fudge?

None, except for the unique infusion candy she designed for Valentine’s Day.

Unfortunately, the signature chocolate required for the candy won’t be delivered on time.
No problem. She’ll pick up the order herself.

When she reaches the diner where the delivery man is stranded, she retrieves the chocolate and intends to return to her shop. But a downed tree detains her. And the handsome, kind man who owns the diner makes her want to stay, especially after she accepts his challenge to prepare homemade delectable chocolates with him.

There’s something about Oliver Menroe’s gentle mannerisms, his genuine interest in his customers, that ignites a hope Sally had extinguished long ago. As a disillusioned single mother, she knows from experience that love doesn’t last forever.

But can she allow herself to believe that one simple ingredient can sweeten their mutual attraction and … for the first time in her life … create a lasting love?

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What does bobbing for apples have to do with Halloween?

Apple Bobbing is a game played at many Halloween parties. But did you know that its origins stem back to love and romance?

The game began as a courting ritual in a Roman festival honoring a goddess of agriculture and abundance. Her name was Pomona. The goddess was often represented by apples.

The idea behind the game was that women and men could predict their future based on the game.

In 43 AD, the festival melded with the Samhain tradition around the same time, which led to the beginning of Halloween.

Bobbing for apples continued as a British courting ritual, and became popular among young, single ladies and their potential suitors.

There are several sets of rules and variations. In the game most familiar, an apple is assigned to each potential mate. The apple bobber attempts to bite into the apple named for the suitor she most desires.

For those who are celebrating, have a happy and safe Halloween.

And, happy apple bobbing!

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New Release! Christmas in the Air

If you love sweet and wholesome holiday romance, you’ll love my newest release,

Christmas in the Air

What if you told your inner secrets to a guy you assumed you’d never see again?Penelope Reid owns a toy business, and meets an elusive, handsome stranger on a plane trip to Hilton Head Island. Along the way, she confesses her problems and fears, her aspirations, and unrealized goals, while she believes the man is only half-listening. She is a single mother in her late 40s, readjusting to her life after a difficult divorce, and raising a challenging twelve-year-old son.Two months later, she comes into direct contact with Jacob Williams, the new pediatrician in town, and the man she met on the plane. Jacob knows many facts about her life. Will he use his knowledge to embarrass her, or pursue her?

As Jacob and Penny get to know each other, Jacob relates his story to Penny—his poverty-stricken childhood, his mother’s disapproval when he left the family farm, and his recent job.She is touched and impressed by his new goals to forego his ambitions and help people. And she is a bit envious he has decided what he wants and is going after it.Things can only take a turn for the worse when their romance begins to develop, all under the disapproving eyes of her critical son and the small, inquisitive community who thought they knew her.Her son is begging for a snuggly puppy for Christmas. But is he ready to assume the responsibility? And does Penelope have room in her heart for a new romance and an adorable puppy?If you like sweet romance movies and books, then you’ll love Christmas in the Air, brimming with heartwarming holiday cheer.A Happily-Ever-After is guaranteed.

Wrap yourself up in the uplifting joy of Christmas and fall in love with sweet, small-town romance. This is the sixth book in the beloved 1-800 home-flipping series.Order your copy of Christmas in the Air today. Only 99¢ for a limited time.

Read the entire 1-800-series!





1-800-NEW YEAR

Christmas in the Air

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