Getting it right the first time

Amazon (1) Little Lies is abouy to be published, but I want to be sure I get it right this time. I’ve gone through the manuscript countless times, my critique partner has been through it and several beta readers have as well. I’m ready to send my baby to my editor! But wait, the story isn’t quite long enough! What to do? What to do?

Here is my dilema, this story was written as a novella. It comes in at just under 25,000 words. It is a sensual sexy story, but it is short. I could just add love scenes to make it longer, but I really like this story and these characters. Not to mention being in love with the cover!

The plot is a secret baby plot. I could easily make it longer, but would have to scrap the end and change the story somewhat. Doing that will push the publication date back a bit. So, I have to decide if I want to leave it as a novella or add about 22,000 words and make it a sexy sensual short contemporary.

I think I’m going to…


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5 Responses to Getting it right the first time

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  2. Lizzi Newton says:

    The cover of this book is enticing I have to read it!

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  3. Lizzi, I’ve decided to put it up with just a few minor tweaks and not make it longer. It should be ready soon as my editor turns it loose!


  4. debjulienne says:

    Love the cover…keep it as is and if you ever feel the need to add to it you have a great start.


  5. Josie says:

    Leave it! 🙂


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