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Wilde wisdom

One’s style is one’s signature always. Advertisements

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Welcome, Linda O’Connor, I asked Linda to share some personal information with our readers. I asked what she wouldn’t eat no matter what! Here are her answers. Wouldn’t Touch That with a Ten-foot Pole! I eat a wide variety of … Continue reading

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I’m Chatting! August 13 – Night Owl Reviews!

Night Owl Reviews has me scheduled August 13 from 8:00 PM EST for an hour chat. Night Owl Reviews ( I’d love some company and there will be prizes!! Visit the two other authors while you’re there:  Juliette Cross, Rayanne … Continue reading

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Sapphire Is My Gimmick and My Little Pal!

In Gypsy, an old movie with Natalie Wood, an old stripper tells the new stripper that every act needs a gimmick. As writers we promote the hell out of our books on Facebook, only to see too few reactions. My … Continue reading

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The Arawak Indians and The Summoning – Fantasy Romance

The Arawaks are indigenous peoples of South America and the Caribbean. At various times, the term Arawak has been used for the Lokono of South America and the Taino of the Caribbean, all of whom spoke related Arawakan languages. In … Continue reading

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Georgia Stories on My Mind

My dear friend Jackie Rod has published a collection of her short stories set in Georgia! Each story offers a heart-warming experience you won’t soon forget. Jackie is a true southern lady. Her launch party Saturday was as elegant as … Continue reading

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Nebraska: Vengeance from Eden by Toni V. Sweeney

Recently, I finished reading Black Hats, a delightful fantasy in which Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson head to New York City to help out the son of their own pal, “Doc” Holliday.  It’s fiction, of course, but there are many … Continue reading

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The Book of Hours and The Redemption of the Shrew (and a giveaway)

Usually I don’t remember the original inspiration for a story. My imagination tends to jump from one idea to another in a seemingly haphazard way that’s almost impossible to trace backward. Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada Amazon Australia But…I … Continue reading

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Free! Grab your Kindle copy of The Rake’s Irish Lady

Today through July 26, The Rake’s Irish Lady, the second in my Regency series Scandalous Kisses, is free for Kindle!!  (This is a celebration freebie thanks to my publisher, because the fourth in the series, The Redemption of the Shrew, … Continue reading

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The Summoning – Chance to Win $15 Gift Card

I’m running a Virtual Book Tour for myself, by myself! I’d like to invite you to join in. BLURB: Heather Morique is a witch. The problem is she doesn’t know it. Her husband Jahill was a refugee from an obscure … Continue reading

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