Travels Through Historical Fiction: The White Lady

I have a guest Linda Pennell with a fascinating post.  Enjoy!

History Imagined

english pat movieIf readers saw the film version of The English Patient, they may remember that the opening scene showed the main characters in a desert cave marveling at drawings depicting humans and animals painted on the walls. While those cave paintings were in northern Africa, there are cave paintings in southwestern Africa that are just as dramatic and interesting. One in particular is a major tourist attraction and well worth the trek through mountainous desert terrain to see it.

reinhard maack Reinhard Maack

On a January evening in 1917, a topographer and a cartographer took shelter for the night under a rocky overhang on Brandberg Mountain, the highest point in German West Africa (now Namibia). When they awoke the next morning, they discovered they had slept under a wall covered in beautifully rendered Bushman drawings, of which one figure stood out from the rest. It was a human figure whose lower body and…

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  1. I am very happy that you liked my post so much that you re-blogged it!


  2. marymarvella says:

    Very interesting, Linda! Thanks she sharing it!


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