Website Fun Friday

I’ve been having fun (and pulling my hair out) designing Bianca’s new website featuring her new book releases;  Her Brother’s Wife (f/k/a Gemini Rising).  First I couldn’t find the theme I wanted.  I searched for it on the internet, downloaded it and it was a zip file. Oh No! But luckily WordPress unloaded it for me, and I had the theme I wanted!

Then I was faced with getting page made for each book and having it under the heading ‘Books and Where They Live’.  This was easy.

BUT, I wanted a slider on the front page as the header.  This was more difficult and took lots of practice but I was familiar with the process of Sliders and Menus from the website.  Voila! A lovely changing header.

Then the 4 books are presented at the bottom. Again,  I was somewhat familiar with this but there were some new troublesome features.  I worked and cursed until I figured out these too.  So,  if anyone has a question about the Astoria Lite Theme in WordPress, I can help (to the best of my ability).

Take a look:


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3 Responses to Website Fun Friday

  1. Josie says:

    Best wishes with the new website! I wasn’t able to access, but am sure that it’s gorgeous.


  2. marymarvella says:

    Impressive! It looks good!


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