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Protective Instincts Is Back on Amazon!

       Good Tuesday! July is racing by! I have been busy beyond belief! I know everyone else is busy, too. I’m not complaining, just explaining.  Life is full of changes, some easy and some not so easy. During … Continue reading

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True by Ann Everett

Welcome, Ann Everett! I’m so pleased you could visit with us and tell us about your book. I have some lovely iced tea and can make you some iced coffee, if you’d like some. Because it’s so warm in Georgia, … Continue reading

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Why torture your characters?

I will give a workshop in June about torturing characters. I borrowed words from Dwight Swain about chasing characters up trees to keep things from becoming boring. Why would I want to do torture my characters? It keeps stories going. … Continue reading

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Has Life Left You Feeling Bedraggled?

Hard rains last night were not kind to my first yellow iris of 2018.  Water and wind bent this flower to the ground, Maybe its roots are not deep enough or maybe the bloom was too heavy for the stalk. … Continue reading

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Website Fun Friday

I’ve been having fun (and pulling my hair out) designing Bianca’s new website featuring her new book releases;  Her Brother’s Wife (f/k/a Gemini Rising).  First I couldn’t find the theme I wanted.  I searched for it on the internet, downloaded … Continue reading

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